Wayside Chapel’s Community Services Centre’s (CSC) – one in Kings Cross and one in Bondi – have been providing community services to members of the eastern suburbs since 1964. CSC staff and volunteers work together, seven days a week, to provide those of our community who are sleeping rough with a safe space and amenities such as showers and emergency clothing, as well as information and referral services within the Inner City.
CSC provides:-

  • Referrals for short and long-term crisis accommodation and housing

  • Weekly onsite legal, health, and counselling clinics in collaboration with Homeless Persons’ Legal Service, Centrelink and St Vincent’s Homeless Health

  • Referral services to health and welfare agencies

  • Advocacy and care-coordination

Meeting spaces for self-help and community groups like SMART Recovery program for people experiencing addiction
At Wayside, we see everyone as a person to be met, not a problem to be solved. 
We work through meeting people rather than working on them – we never greet anyone at the door with a clipboard or a form with boxes to tick. The issues facing visitors to Wayside are varied and complex, including domestic violence, mental health, homelessness, social isolation, grief & loss, probation & parole.


95 Roscoe St, Bondi Beach NSW 2026


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