A successful open house can lead to more buzz about your home which hopefully turns into more interest, more offers and your home being sold more quickly. But in order to achieve this ideal situation, you must take your open house seriously and prepare your home in such a way it wows visitors leaving them wanting to make your house theirs.

Here is our Open House Checklist of things that must be done beforehand to ensure you leave potential buyers with the best first impression:

  • Remove all your personal belongings. This means taking down pictures and personal artefacts.

  • Remove all clutter and put away everyday items such as toys, shoes, and coats.

  • Find an appropriate carer for the pets during the open times. We know you love your beloved animals, but not everyone else will. Make sure your pets are anywhere but your home during your open house. And while you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to remove any traces of your pets being there at all. So, hide or remove from the house water bowls, toys, litter boxes, dog poo from the yard and be sure to vacuum up all the hair.

  • Think less is more and simplify your things. Consider renting a storage space for all unnecessary furniture and items that you are already storing in your basement and closets.

  • Clean. Clean. Clean. Your home can never be clean enough. If cleaning isn’t your thing, consider using a professional service to come in to give the house a proper scrub down.

  • Organise and clean out closets. People love to see how much storage space a home has and will open every single closet you have. Make sure your closets are prepared for that! Secure your valuables. Be sure that items such as jewellery, prescriptions, and anything else that is important or valuable to you has been discreetly tucked away or even put in a safe.

  • Keep the kitchen counters clear of appliances like toasters and coffee makers.

  • Organise and wipe down the refrigerator. Trust us… they will look!! It’s also a good idea to remove all papers, pictures, and magnets from the fridge as well.

  • Spruce up the landscape by pulling weeds, trimming bushes and laying fresh mulch and watering before each open.

  • Light the house up! Clean the windows, draw back the curtains and let as much natural light in as possible. Additionally, turn on all the lights and lamps to illuminate every room.

  • Set the heating or cooling to keep the indoors at an appropriate temperature. If the weather is mild, open the windows to let the fresh air fill the home and always make sure the curtain and blinds are open.

  • Take the rubbish out, even if the bag isn’t full.

  • Have fresh flowers on the kitchen counter and offer your agent a jug of fresh water with slices of lime to offer your visitors.

  • Help spread the word. You can never have enough publicity for your open house so help your agent and share their Facebook post with your friends.

Remember, you only get one chance to make the best first impression so make it count!! Make sure all items on the open house checklist are complete and you should have nothing to worry about.

If like many property owners you find these tasks daunting and all too time consuming to take on, talk to My Home Watch. I'm here to assist you so your Open House Day and the lead up to each open runs as smooth as possible and you have buyers walking into your property saying WOW I want this property, where do I sign!!

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