• Top 5 Problems and When It's Time to Call Emergency Plumber

    Top 5 Problems and When It's Time to…

    Posted by Oliver Brown from Sydney Australia on 24-06-21

    Plumbers are one of our emergency requirements. Plumbing disasters such as blocked drains, gas leaks, roof leaks, and pipe bursts are often difficult to handle for most of us so it is advised to seek professional help at the right time. You spent a large…

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  • Dealing with Debt

    Dealing with Debt

    Posted by AZ Legal from Sydney Australia on 20-05-21

    Debts can arise in many ways, including the following: • Contracts: For example, your business was contracted to carry out work for another business and the invoice you sent for the work you were engaged to do remains unpaid. • Private loans • Loans and…

    Key Words: Debt recovery


  • Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO's)

    Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO's)

    Posted by AZ Legal from Sydney Australia on 20-05-21

    In any week in a NSW Local Court, a large percentage of the matters dealt with concern Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO’s). The purpose of an AVO is to protect people from others who may commit violence against them. There are two types of AVOs: 1. ADVO…

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  • How Can SEO Become Beneficial?

    How Can SEO Become Beneficial?

    Posted by Prakash Humagain from Sydney Australia on 21-01-21

    How Can SEO Become Beneficial? The birth of search engine optimisation is a gift that has brought many benefits to businesses, website owners, and also to search engine users. In totality, it makes internet marketing life easier for both sellers and…



    Posted by Eastern Suburbs Life from Sydney Australia on 22-12-20

    About the writer: Rhonda Furner is the Principal of AZ Legal. She believes lawyers have a vital role in ensuring that society is best served by a fair and just application of the law.  When she is not working, Rhonda enjoys swimming at local beaches,…