As the season of giving is upon us again, The Prince of Wales Hospital is encouraging the community to donate funds to support the World-class spinal Ward at the Hospital. 

Approximately 15,000 Australians live with a spinal cord injury, a lifetime diagnosis that presents many challenges along the way. This statistic highlights the importance of the Spinal Unit at The Prince of Wales Hospital as it’s only one of two in NSW providing care and treatment for spinal injuries. This Christmas, the Foundation will be raising funds for the Hospital’s Spinal Injury Unit to provide more vital medical equipment and renovate the space to make it more comfortable for patients and assist them in gaining independence.

Donations will be used to acquire vital equipment like the Dowing Dynamic Arm Support which allows someone with limited arm movement to start using the computer again or Unify Beds that enable close support, interaction and connection between patients with limited physical movement and their visitors and therapists.  Funds will also go towards completing modifications in the ward such as murals and bar fridges for home-cooked meals; which seek to maximise comfortability and ease a patient's stay whilst at the hospital.

For patients like Chloe Kennedy, the spinal unit at The Prince of Wales Hospital enabled her to obtain a new lease on life and even welcome a new family member.  What was meant to be a lovely holiday, resulted in Chloe undergoing four operations in eight days before being flown back to Australia to be cared for at the Prince of Wales Hospital. 

At 28, Chloe was a quadriplegic and spent nearly a year in hospital undergoing intensive rehab making a remarkable recovery. At the Prince of Wales Hospital Spinal Injury Unit, Chloe learnt functional tasks such as transferring on and off a wheelchair and working on blood pressure management techniques to adjust the body. When she was discharged in November 2017, Chloe was able to do some walking motions but more for exercise purposes.

Thanks to the care Chloe received, she was also able to gain back some independence. She had a support worker at her home in the mornings to assist with tasks such as getting dressed but once Chloe was up for the day, she was completely self-sufficient and could go to the shop next door or get a bus to work for example. While adapting to a new way of life and new way of doing things, in 2019 Chloe and partner Antonello had their lives changed completely again, when they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Aurora. Chloe says it was obviously tough at the beginning because she’d never had a baby before and doing it all in a wheelchair was nerve-racking too. While Chloe has received a lot of support, she says the silver lining of doing all of this amongst a pandemic, is just how much she’s learnt that she can do on her own.

As a result of her rehab at the Prince of Wales Hospital and learning techniques and tricks of her own, Chloe is now gearing up to launch her first ever online business called ‘Beyond Adaptive’, providing products for people with limited hand mobility to help their rehabilitation as well as support an independent lifestyle. The Products at Beyond Adaptive, will help Chloe and many other people be able to cook beautiful roast dinners, open presents with their families and much more this festive season. [Chloe to share further information on upcoming operation]

Help the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation provide more life changing equipment for spinal patients like Chloe by donating to

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