If either you or a loved one is never going to get old and need support, stop reading now.

Alternatively, if the well-being of an older person is your responsibility, you might find our service valuable. We are two registered nurses who have retrained as patient advocates. We are local, have an established network of GPS, medical specialists and other providers and work directly for our clients with 100% personalised attention. 

Dorothy Kamaker (0421011430) specialises in supporting people who are facing difficulties or barriers in the health system: hospital, community or in an aged care facility.

Alicia Dunn (0456060353) focuses on issues specific to the aging population: her expertise is in evaluating and advising families and individuals about staying at home, safely, for as long as possible. When the best choice is a residential care facility, Alicia will establish your goals and research your options. When a loved one moves into a care facility, Alicia ensures that your expectations about care standards become reality through ongoing, expert monitoring. 

Sometimes, the hardest part is finding an independent expert to support you getting started.

Together, we are on your side and by your side in whatever way works best for you. Ask us a question: a 15 minute initial ? enquiry costs $0.



157 Liverpool Street Darlinghurst.


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