My daughter had her Birthday yesterday and the pressure from her and that I had self imposed on making it the perfect day for her was to say the least a bit OTT! It was certainly not a perfect day but worked out to be fun and memorable and she felt loved even if there were a few unexpected outcomes.

It made me realise that as parents nonetheless we place huge expectations of ourselves to achieve in all aspects in our lives and we all know that it can be challenging to excel in parenting and work and keeping home to a high standard and be the fittest, most stylish and healthiest you can all at once. 

This article resonated with me as it is what Flourish HR is all about. We can help you define your career goals and help you flourish in your life by setting realistic expectations and goals. Reach out at [email protected] and as usual like and share with anyone who can benefit from this message. Don't forget to find us on Facebook and like and share with your networks:-


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