We live in a pretty stressful world today, that makes it more challenging to maintain a healthy, loving relationship.  While no relationship is perfect and couples can expect to have their fair share of conflicts, however it's how you resolve conflicts that matters. If issues are not resolved properly, they become insurmountable and resentment can build up over time.

Statistics show that 60% of marriages end in divorce and the average couple might be unhappy for over 6 years before seeking counselling. By this stage, one partner may have emotionally left the relationship, core problems become harder to identify and get them fixed. Seeking professional help earlier might have save the relationship and rebuild intimacy.

Here are some warning signs signalling your relationship is in trouble:

  • Arguing over the same issues again and again but they do not get resolved

  • You are not able to talk to each other freely and respectfully about anything in your relationship

  • You are unable to reach out to your partner for emotional support

  • Living separate lives, you are becoming like roommates than a couple

  • Contemplating or are having an affair

  • Relying on drugs & alcohol to relieve stress / numb your feelings

  • When you or your partner can no longer depend on one another

  • You were angry and frustrated in the past, but now "it's too hard, I don't care anymore... I give up!"

  • You try to control your partner because you can't trust your partner anymore

  • You feel judged, shamed, disrespected, insecure or constantly walking on eggshells

If you recognise 2 or 3 of these symptoms present in your relationship, then it is time to seek couple counselling.

For further information, please contact:
Isabelle Truong,
Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner


Yarranabbe Rd, Darling Point


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